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Here We Go... again....

I've started.... puttered... stopped... and started quite a few blogs over the years. I hope to do better here.... sharing my notes on holistic living, creativity, and LOVE!

This first post is shared to be a just a little more "about me" because we are all much more than our polished veneer. Where there is light and matter, there will be shadows and really they are what help develop the richness of life. So while I may own a yoga studio called Shine, I value the deep dark parts of life too.

My sweet & salty family taking up space in our hometown Cincinnati.

I begin in gratitude... for all the blessings... and all the challenges that make me who I am; and which inspires they way I explore & understand the great mystery of life in the way that I have, and the way I will. I am grateful for all the possibilities that come with having a life on earth. May I make the most of it all.

Morning Pages - A Deeper Side of Me

I'm an on and off again #morningpages practitioner. When I wrote this the other day, I had the inkling that it was worth the post to begin this blog with because I think it will help any readers out there really get to know me - on the inside. On the outside my life looks pretty shine-y. My family is healthy and active. I'm a small business owner. I'm married to my high school sweetheart. I have two kids... two dogs... and the kind of house that likely once had a white picket fence. (But... if it did, much like the rest of my 1871 house it's fallen away by now.) So here it is... a sneak peek into my rich inner world that is absolutely full of light and shadow!

"Oh this again. I'm so freaking bored of all this... same old thing... day after day... waking up in a world that can't figure out how to go a day without some deep level of cruelty, oppression, and simple disregard for our collective well-being. And me? No better really... angry at myself for being angry... or sad... or lost. For so much of the time feeling like a lost soul when I really "have so much going for me."

And so....

I take a deep breath...

I remember who I am - deep inside.

Underneath all the layers of pain, worry, disappointment.

I remember the light within myself.

I remind myself to look outwardly with an open heart too.

I look close to find the beauty and the goodness - that really is everywhere if we look for it.

There is love and kindness and wisdom woven all throughout the rough patches of human existence. It exists and grows because enough of us are capable of tapping into and courageously opening our hearts and minds to share LOVE!

And so....

When I feel my angriest, the most lost, and in my deepest levels of sadness or pain, I remind myself that it is me who has moved away from the light of love.

And so....

I reconnect with the SOURCE OF LOVE within myself.


LOVE EXISTS because we channel it. It is alive in the world because we tap into it and create pathways for it to flow back out into the world and all around us. It really is the small gestures and acts of kindness that spark the fire of love & compassion into being in this world. It just takes a moment to make a heart-centered connection which can break through and melt the hard shells that so often develop around the human heart.

An opened door.... a pause to let someone over in traffic.... a kind smile... it starts there.

And of course there's the kindling of the heart-fire within. For when we are clear and centered in our hearts, compassionate living is only natural - for ourselves - for each other.

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