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Kobe Noble's Teachers Tools for October

Fall Foliage

Hello October

October, in all it's colorful glory ushers us into fall, and winter, and the holiday season. 

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Themes for October

October themes...

Hands Clasped in Yoga Posture

Fall Lifestyle

Movement, Meditations, & More

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Pumpkin Soup

Fall Food

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First Week of October

Notes for Second Week of October

I'm taking inspiration from the astrology of this week as well as a book I'm listening to, "The Witch's Heart." It's a revisiting of the Norse tale of Angraboda and Loki. While the astrology I'm working with this week won't necessarily apply in the future, the theme of this book is certainly a powerful one as we move into the fall and winter. The more you read about world mythology and religion, you begin to see the similarities of the themes across the world, through time, and in all cultures.

Let me set the theme up first with this week's astrology. Here in 2022, we are coming out of a period where *six* planets have been retrograde. We can look at retrograde's in a variety of ways. For our purposes here, let's say that when a planet is retrograde, it's energy imprint can feel a little fuzzy, retracted, minimized, and/or mixed-up. (Retrograde's get a bad name but let's not forget that there is a lot of power in that little "re" suffix so I'm not at all a fear mongerer around the retrogrades — though we are going to look at the diminished aspect in this particular case.) 

On Saturday, October 8th, Pluto moved out of retrograde and stationed direct in the sign of Capricorn (karma — investments, and returns) more on that another day. What I want to focus on is the symbology/mythology of Pluto. Pluto is the god of the underworld — much like Hades in Greek mythology. I bring that up to connect us back to the "Witch's Heart" later. Now I want to invite you to think of the underworld not like hell itself but really as the under-earth. This is where we must go in order to mine for the precious minerals and resources that we use for power on earth. Pluto relates directly to power — and to the resources that must be dug up and transformed — "alchemically" — to be of use. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio. Scorpio in the sign of the zodiac that is not afraid to go into the dark corners of life, to make very deep and intimate connections, to visit the underworld with the understanding that it too is the source of regeneration.

So for this week's theme — one of the things we're working with is Pluto direct and contemplations of our relationship with power/energy — and also of "upheaval" for the sake of regeneration.

Let's take a moment to see what's happening with power/energy in the global field. Obviously we have 

Adding to this, we had a huge beautiful super moon that was conjunct, and so activating, the asteroid Chiron on Sunday October 9th. In mythology Chiron is a centaur who is one of the greatest healers but himself carries a wound that cannot be healed. So here there is the dichotomy of being able to heal others but not being able to live fully healed in one's own life. Of course there is incredible depth we could go into about Chiron but for the theme of this week, I just want to acknowledge that his story is the perfect metaphor for human life. As human beings We all have wounds, many that will not heal, and despite them we can carry on and we could do good for others despite it all. 

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