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About me: Kathleen O'Brien-Noble ~ or for short.....

Kobe Noble

How I Got Here... Doing What I Do. • The truth is... it's been a long road. The short story is... I'm here! and ready to Share.

This part of my story is just a little bit about about how I found my way into the healing arts with a primary basis in yoga, mindfulness, and creatively engaged holistic living.

My vocation in the healing, movement, and yogic arts began when I was 14. I had just quit gymnastics because it had become to hard on my growing body. It was painful to practice and painful to think of leaving behind something that had previously helped me feel so free. In the end, I could never really leave it. In 1987 I won the Greater Cincinnati YMCA's volunteer of the year for the time I devoted to helping out around the gym as a volunteer gymnastics teacher and for helping out with our Y's adapted swim program. From the time I was very young, I liked helping people feel better and find greater freedom in their bodies. 

I continued to teach and coach... gymnastics, swimming, and then as I came to springboard diving... that as well. I became the diving coach for Philipps Swim Club and when our league dropped diving competitions I created lessons and clinics to share the joy of flying and falling. 

I entered college as an undecided major and took a few years exploring the health sciences, psychology, art therapy, and ultimately ended up graduating with a BFA as a graphic designer. I should have known I needed a more active career but sometimes life takes us where it takes it. After a year behind a desk, life offered new opportunities and I split my time between graphic design and a fitness instructor. As a college athlete, I had loved the process of strength training and became a certified personal trainer myself in 1997. I quickly began stacking up additional trainings and certifications. Having dabbled in a huge variety of exercise & movement modalities, new age & spirit studies, and martial arts; I became dedicated to the practice of holistic yoga in 1998. 

The "right" yoga teacher makes all the difference in the transmission of the practices - and really - the magic! While we can pick up good ideas and insights with traveling teachers, it is consistent study with a dedicated teacher that allows us the opportunity to clarify and assimilate ideas so that we have an understanding of the true source of the concepts & practices - and - we can more clearly develop our own authentic practices that support us as individuals and allow us to share the ancient teachings in a clear way if we ourselves are teachers. I have been very blessed to have several such teachers. Rosanna Juncos was my first *steady* yoga teacher. I had actually already become a YogaFit teacher but was looking for someone who could share the philosophy of yoga with me from a truly educated place. Rosanna helped me learn to slow down, to listen deeper, and to soften into myself in a way that I had never done before. I soon met Sianna Sherman who appealed to my scientific nature as she shared the Anusara Yoga Style that as well as being a very uplifting type of yoga practice, was based on modern exercise science and functional kinesthics (whether it acknowledged that at the time or not.) Yoga felt like home. It brought together my loves of nature, art, and science and was designed to help us plug into and celebrate the spirit of life - whether we call it grace, or god, or nature.

Sianna invited me in to a strong community of like minded people. We practiced at a tiny little yoga studio in Newport, Ky which still exists as the Kula Center and at that time was called Elements and was run by a collective of yoga teachers called Earth & Sky Yoga (I think? 21 years ago - my memory has a few holes;-) There I met Shalini Latour who taught me much about the therapeutic aspects of yoga and Wendy Andersen who would soon open Shine Yoga Center in Hyde Park. Wendy became a good friend, teacher, and created the space for yoga practice to expand as one of the first yoga studios in Cincinnati. 

I could go on. There's a lot left unsaid here.... but it feels like about time to wrap this part of the story up for now. Over the last 20 years, I have continued my wide-ranging studies, practices, certification, and the development of training and coaching programs. Here in 2019 I am an eRYT-500 yoga teacher, an ACE certified Personal Trainer/Health & Wellness Coach/Functional Movement Practitioner/Corrective Exercise Specialist. I am also studied, certified, and experienced in teaching fitness, yoga, mindfulness & meditation for children, pregnant mothers, and those with movement challenges. 


As the lead teacher/owner/director of Shine Yoga & my umbrella company, Flourish Unlimited, it is my greatest hope to hold space for health & healing, personal exploration & evolution, creative self-discovery, personal development & spiritual freedom, and supportive community connections. I maintain Shine Yoga Center for like-minded practitioners who really want to just help people feel good/better in the world. I am happy to teach classes and trainings that allow people to root into personal power and peace in order to cultivate greater harmony in the hearts of the individuals that make up our communities. I am here to help us all Flourish & Shine.

Current Public Class Schedule - Spring 2024

All classes held at Shine Yoga & Wellness located in suite 15 at 3330 Erie Avenue in East Hyde Park, Cincinnati OH 45208.

YogaFio® Integral Core Balance

(Don't let the word core scare you. This class is a variable challenge class and the class EVERYONE NEEDS.)

Tuesdays 11:30 - 12:30 am

(For April 2024)

Stretch, Release, Reset (Yoga for Myofascial health)

Wednesdays 5:45 - 6:45


Align & Flow Yoga - Level 2/3 (Slow & Strong)

Wednesdays 7:15 - 8:30 pm

Align & Flow Yoga - Level 1/2

Thursdays10 - 11 am

Regenerative - Gentle Yoga for Joints & Spine

Thursdays 11:30 - 12:30 

YogaFio® Strong & Wise Practice

Saturdays 10 - 11:30 am

My "Yoga Style"

People often want to know what "style" of yoga I teach and practice. Here in Cincinnati, the question is often, "do you teach hot yoga?" While I appreciate that most styles of yoga have different benefits and precautions, I am interested in practicing and sharing a style of yoga that is holistically minded. It is important to me to maintain the integrity of the traditional practices while adapting the practices to meet students contemporary needs. Utilizing nonjudgmental awareness with the intention of elevating consciousness and living life with a sense of deep purpose and in harmony with the nature of life & spirit, is the essential element of my style whether I'm working restoratively or athletically.

Before I was a yoga teacher, I was an athlete who spent countless hours dealing with injuries in the training room. I went on to become a personal trainer myself and as such, my movement intelligence is rooted in cultivating health and harmony for all the parts of one's body - AND - being. My early primary teachers were Rosanna Juncos, Sianna Sherman, Wendy Andersen, Shalini Latour, and John Friend. They each practiced closely with some of the masters including: BKS Iyengar, Patthabhi Jois, Judith Lasater, and Gurumayi Chidvilasananda just to name a few. In this way I was steeped in a multitude of traditions from Iyengar, Ashtangha, Siddha, Tantra and Restorative Yoga. At the same time that I was beginning my yoga practice, I was exploring other ancient and modern healing, training, and coaching modalities  that I blend with my education & experience in the fields of modern exercise & movement science, transpersonal spiritual psychology, behavioral health coaching, and intuitive energy healing.

The classes I teach span a broad spectrum from athletic to restorative. In all cases I do my best to offer, mindful movement that is fairly methodical which gives students time and opportunities to find the versions of posture and asana that feel just right for their needs. The classes are infused with multi-layered inspiration creating opportunities for insight. And are designed to help each student find the sweet spot for them that allows enough challenge to grow and enough nurturing to heal. In my view this is the dynamic balance that allows us to live full and well.

© 2019

Need to update with new YogaFio® description for 2022.

Experience, Qualifications & Educational Life Turns


I am the owner/director and lead teacher of Shine Yoga here in Cincinnati, Oh.

I lead 5 public classes in a variety of challenge levels per week, take several private clients, and lead our teacher training and student immersion courses when we are in session. I am also a dedicated mama of two children & two fur babies, wife to my high school sweetheart, house holder, part time diving coach, artist, writer, photographer, and general lover of life & channel for spirt.

1996 - Present

In 1996 I created my first LLC ~ Flourish Unlimited ~ as a home base for my endeavors in the holistic & creative living arts fields. I worked as an ace-certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, yoga teacher, health & wellness coach, freelance graphic artist, and jeweler. 

1997 was a breakthrough year for me. 

After struggling with chronic pain for over 10 years, my life opened up to the healing arts via: movement arts, yoga, transpersonal psychology, mindfulness, alexander technique, intuitive healing, crystal healing, reiki, energetics, and ayurveda. I have continued to study and share the insights & experiences gained in these fields for over 20 years.

Specific Certifications & Specialties 

eRYT 500, PreNatal Yoga, Kids Yoga, Continuing Education Specialist Yoga Alliance

Anusara Certified Yoga Teacher

Ace Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Health & Wellness Coach

Ohio High School Certified Athletic Coach

Behavioral Change Specialist

The BioMechanics Method: Corrective Exercise Specialist

Foundations for Function: Functional Fitness Specialist

Senior Fitness Specialist

FrameWork Corrective Exercise Certification

Posture, Mobility, Gait and Balance: Assessment and Training for the Personal Trainer 

Biomechanics of Assisted Stretching

Fundamentals of Exercise Coaching

Kinetic Anatomy Specialist

Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Motherwell Pre- & Post-Natal Yoga & Fitness Certification

BOSU Integrated Balance Training Certification

YogaFit Certified

Kwando - Cardio Kickboxing Certification

Martial Arts Training: Tae Kwon Do

BFA with concentration in Graphic Design - Ohio University

Bradley Method Training 

Optimal Fetal Positioning Training for Pregnancy

BOSU Integrated Balance Training Certification

YogaFit Certified

Kwando - Cardio Kickboxing Certification

Martial Arts Training: Tae Kwon Do

BFA with concentration in Graphic Design - Ohio University

NCAA Div. 1 Academic All-American & Springboard Diver

1987 - Is the true marker as my start as a facilitator in the movement arts. Although I would travel off course for about 10 years, it was my first inkling that my dharma (life path) would lie in helping others engage more fully in life through mindful movement and dynamic stillness. 

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