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These days a lot of what I write has been kept primarily for you my studio yoga classes. I'm challenging myself to share in a fuller way than cryptic notes on social media. The following is what is inspiring my Thanksgiving yoga classes.

Remembering what you REALLY love and what matters most — centers you in your heart. But... maybe you have "lost" what you loved most.... maybe you feel like you haven't found it yet. Maybe it's not someone you love, but some thing you love.... or something you love to do. It's important we remind ourselves of what is good.... or has the potential to be good... in our lives. So often though — we look outside ourselves for love — when the true source of love is within ourselves. As rich as the outer world is, so is the inner world. We just live in a world that has forgotten the value inner connection — and contentment.

Yoga teaches us to not just value this inner world but to make time to connect, to get clear, and to get charged up from inside! To remember the inner light and to stoke that heart-fire daily. The outer world is very engaging and rich with possibility. But... it is time bound. Everything here will evolve, change, and likely die away over time. The inner world though. This is where we find the portal to the immortal and eternal.

In yoga, and meditation, and prayer too, we close our eyes & press our palms to close the sensory doors to the outer world and to open up the inner gateways to insight, intuition, remembrance, and yes - even imagination. Here we can remember what we really are... besides just soft flesh and solid bone, we are — cosmic star dust, sweet moonshine, and made up of the same energy as the blazing sun.

Ultimately, it is up to each of us, to frame our lives. To make the most of our time, our resources, our talents, and even of our preferences. Remembering what matters most... what we REALLY care about — and — what we care enough about to actually go co-create for ourselves & others... we center ourselves in the seat of our own personal power. Not everything is going to go our way. Life is not fair. Nothing is free. But... there is possibility and potential — everywhere. It is up to us to remember what's important and what we're willing to work for.

It is in the taking the time to remember what we are most grateful for that we can open up a portal through affirmation which allows us to focus our attention and our efforts on honoring and cultivating that which is most meaningful for us so that we may make space in our lives to hold and grow the energy of that which is most important to us in our lives. In this way gratitude becomes the key to abundance. Perhaps even when the thing itself is gone, we may be able hold space for the energetic imprint so that we are never really ever without that which ignites love in our hearts. For nothing in this universe is ever really destroyed but simply transformed.

May your heart be full in the affirmation of what you love this Thanksgiving holiday.

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